Warranty and Return Conditions

All products are under the guarantee of the manufacturer unless otherwise stated. In order for the warranty conditions to be valid, you must check the product during delivery. If you see any damage, do not take delivery of the product by keeping a record. Changes to the product, product deformation or the disruption of the original design of the product shall not be covered by warranty.


Product Return Conditions


 Under the Law No. 6502, our customers have the chance to return all products they have bought on www.e-tetas.com within 14 (FOURTEEN) days from the date of receipt of goods or to change them with another product. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be accepted for the notifications exceeding the legal time and for our customers who do not fall into the scope of the Law No.6502 and for the products that cannot be returned due to their nature. If the invoice of the product you wish to return is a corporate one, you must send it back with the return receipt, which was issued by the institution. Return receipt must be paid without including the cargo share (product unit price + VAT). Order refunds issued on behalf of the institution shall not be able to be completed if a RETURN RECEIPT has not been drawn.




“If you are not a taxpayer, you must fill out the relevant return section of our company’s bill at the time of returning the product you have received and sign it and send it back to us together with the product. Otherwise the return procedures shall not be completed. “ 


1) General return conditions are as follows;

• Products to be returned must be sent with the original box or packaging of the product.
•The original box / packaging is damaged (for example: Products with cargo labels affixed on the original box, or strapped by cargo packaging tape are not accepted), products that are not resaleable and cannot be bought by another customer are not accepted for return.
•You need to send the original invoice (all copies with you) along with the product you want to return and the Notification form you will receive from our site.
• If the products / products you want to return are defective, the shipping fee is paid by our company. In this case, you must send your shipment through the UPS Cargo with your notification form filled out on our site. In other cases, the shipping fee is paid by you.
•For products that you may experience incompatibility problems in product selection, you should definitely place your order getting technical support for compatibility. Returning is not possible when original packages of such products are opened. (For exp: Memory cards, computer hardware and software products)

2) Return Policy for Special Products;

•The protective tape on the product screen must not be removed. There should not be any scratches, damages, etc. on the screen and other parts of the telephone.•All standard accessories must be undamaged and fully shipped in their original packaging. 3) In the return of other products;

Products that cannot be returned due to their nature (except for brokendown or defective products, products which may present a health hazard after opening, eg: products that require individual contact with the body during use, in-ear or over-ear headphones, etc. ), disposable products, reproducible software and programs, products which are subject to expiration or expiration date cannot be returned. Return of the following products is subject to the condition that the package of the product is unopened, undamaged and the product is not used.

•All kinds of software and programs
•DVD, VCD, CD and cassettes
•Portable computers
•Computer and stationery consumables (toner, cartridge, tape etc.)
•All kinds of cleaning products (hydrophilic cotton, ear cleaning sticks, etc.)
•All kinds of hygienic products (fridge, vacuum cleaner, in-ear headphones, etc.) About DEAD PIXEL, If there are dead pixels in LCD monitor, TV or Notebook products you have bought from our site, they will be evaluated according to international standards.In the production of LCD panels, a technology based on pixel structure is used. Due to this technology, “Bright Dot” or Dark Dot can be formed on the LCD Panel during the production of the products The monitor producers consider these points as “normal product” (non-defective product), unless they are below a specified number and the distance value between the points is below a specified value. The authorized service of the product is responsible for the inspection on this matter.


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