VENÜS Giyim A.Ş.

Venüs Giyim San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. was founded in Istanbul in 1979. While carrying out its operations in the manufacturing site of 32.000 m2 in Düzce, the company continues its marketing operating in its Istanbul Headquarters. Venüs Giyim, manufacturing circular knit garments as well as denim, has a manufacturing capacity of 2 million items per month with its 1100 employees. The Company was granted a platinum award in 2010 by Istanbul Textile and Ready-to-Wear Exporters’ Associations (İTKİB) as the fourth biggest exporting textile firm.

TEPAŞ Tekstil A.Ş.

Founded in Izmir in 1993, Tepa Tekstil operates in flat knitting (tricot) read-to-wear industry. With its 165 workers, the company manufactures 1.250.000 items per year. It gives design and manufacture services to quality outfit brands of Europe.

TE  Sigorta A.Ş.

Founded in 1986, TET Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri carries on its operations under the title       TE Sigorta Brokerliği as of April, 2011 with its experienced team of experts and strong financial structure. The primary aim of TE Sigorta Brokerliği is to provide industrial risks, SMEs and individual customers with options of insurance after identifying their needs using new technologies and international insurance principles with this structure through insurance consulting services and to insure at the end point. Operating with regard to life and non-life insurance, TE Sigorta Brokerliği responds to individual and corporate needs of its customers and offers coverage to identify risks regarding all economic values of the prospective customer and to meet any damages that may arise.


Yatırım Leasing

Yatırım leasing was founded in 1993. It became a part of TETAŞ Group of Companies on January 27, 2004. Yatırım leasing offers service to meet investment requirements of various maturity and sizes of its customers. Yatırım leasing, a member of Leasing Association, finances a variety of sectors including construction, textile, metal main industry, medical devices, printing packaging industries for all kinds of investment assets.

Strateji Faktoring

Strateji Factoring was founded in 1997. It became a part of TETAŞ Group of Companies on January 27, 2004. Strateji Factoring offers national factoring as well as international factoring services to its customers.

Strateji Factoring, a member of the Factors Chain International and Factoring Association since 2004, mediates for import and export operations of its customers through 249 correspondents in 66 countries.

TEC Tekstil-Etiket A.Ş.

It was founded in 2002 with the aim of serving in the field of fabric print, weaving and offset label manufacture as the approved supplier of leading global brands in the Textile TEC Etiket continues to serve to its local and international customers since 2010 with its technology investments in human resources and machine park.

TETAŞ will keep on serving the adhesive/non adhesive, woven, offset, print labels and offset layer prints under a new brand of TECPRINT.

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